Pluramon is a project of Cologne artist Marcus Schmickler. A member of the A-Musik collective, Schmickler has recorded and produced under such alias as Wabi Sabi (A-Musik), Mimeo (collaberation project with Christian Fennesz, Jerome Noetinger, Rafael Toral, Phil Durrant, and Geerd-Jan Prins), recorded on Thomas Brinkmann's Max label (Christian, Daniel), plus collaboratiions with Kaffe Mathews, Peter Rehberg, Thomas Lehn, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Jan St. Werner, Fx Randomiz, and Thomas Brinkmann. Producing for over 8 years, Schmickler explores sound and sound-production environments. Devoting his projects to working with the connotation of existing genres and unwrapping them to bare essentials, the Pluramon project was specifically intentioned to be a non-conceptual creative output. The first Pluramon release on Mille Plateaux, 'Pick Up Canyon' focused on the guitar as an instrument to produce electronic sounds, dealing with the transition from structure and >tune< (as he calls it). Schmickler says "I feel it's very microscopic and gives the listener the opportunity to listen into an instrument, like hearing through 3-D glasses into the space between the instruments". The second Pluramon full-length "Render Bandits" continued where the last album left off, but found a deeper focus on a broader range of sound sources. Schmickler brought in the assistance of Jaki Liebezeit (Can), Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars, Microstoria), amongst others, thus providing a manipulated soundscape of gongs, drums, guitars and keyboards inspired by electro-acoustique and electronic sources.