Submission Directions

If you follow these guidelines, you can be 100% sure we will listen to your music.

  • Demos of any musical genre welcome - we do all kinds of labels.
  • Already released works also welcome - we always look for tracks for compilations.
  • We are also looking for video artists.
  • If you have visuals, please make sure to include them.
  • Listening to mp3s can take months. CD is faster.
  • We will only reply to you if we liked your stuff.
  • Do not ask if we received, listened or liked your music, please.
  • Please whitelist * and * in you spam filter so you can actually receive our feedback.

We only accept below 2 submission methods:

1. CDs by mail

CDs are listened to faster normally, plus we can get master quality files from CDs.

  • Make sure to have your email address on the disc.
  • No mp3 files on CDs! Only regular Audio CDs.
  • Mailing address:

    VERTICAL label group
    (Music submission)
    Paul-Ehrlich-Strasse 28-30 (G8)
    63322 Roedermark

2. mp3 by SugarSync

SugarSync is a very useful toolyou will love, similar to dropbox.
You can push your demos directly to our Harddisk, so we save a lot of time.
Just use the SHARE FOLDER service with our email for the folder with your demos. (Do NOT send any emails here! Do NOT subscribe our email to your newsletter!)

  • mp3 / wav files only for audio
  • do not zip / archive.
  • make 1 folder that has all your stuff, and album subfolders where needed.
  • include a .txt file with your email address, artist + personal name, tracklist and any messages or docs you may want to share. Do not send info in separate emails - it will be lost!
  • make sure to use the mp3 ID3 tags. Naming the mp3 files is not enough.
  • make sure to name the ID3 tags in your mp3 files consistenly. Use one and only one exact spelling for your artist name. Bad: Artist Name, artistname, The Artist Name...
  • number tracks from 01 to 99. We will quote track numbers when giving you feedback.